Ways to Define Your Higher Power

When you attend 12-Step meetings, you will most likely hear discussion that includes having a relationship with a Higher Power. Hearing others share how they found a conception of their own understanding concerning a power greater than themselves may seem daunting to you although it does not have to be. You can seriously choose whatever you want for your Higher Power because there is no right or wrong answers of what is considered your personal interpretation.

If you have had little to no experience in spirituality, you may feel overwhelmed or unknowing with where you should start with your discovery of a Higher Power. You can listen to what others are doing to form their HP, but you may need some guidance to try and define what this exactly means to you.


Some people are instantly at peace when they are in nature and use nature as their Higher Power. This would definitely constitute as a power that is bigger than you. How else can you explain how the weather continues to be uncontrolled every day without fail? Or how the waves in the ocean form? Or how the bees know to make honey from the nectar of a flower?


Other people just get a feeling that fills up their body when they are trying to start a relationship with a Higher Power. This spirit is the essence of spirituality and why so many people just label this spirit as God without having any religious connotation. God is defined as a deity, superhuman being, or a spirit worshiped as having power over nature. If you choose to have a religious affiliation, you can, although the most important thing to find is that you are not in control of what happens in your life.


Many people really are in awe with the stars, the planets, and the sun. While they know that they are far, far away, they are also aware that the universe is extremely grand and as it boundless. Instead of using an old man in the clouds with a staff that shoots lightning and thunderbolts, using the universe in all its glory makes a good choice for those that need something other than a religious perception.

There is no rush on this journey because a Higher Power tends to evolve over time with most people. The connection that you established with your conception of a power greater than yourself will continue to grow the more you continue to seek your spirituality.   

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