Can I Use Antidepressants for Anxiety?

There is not a one-size fits all method to treating anxiety. In fact, anxiety comes with different causes and symptoms that makes the classification of anxiety a much broader spectrum than it was once thought to be. There are several different categories that anxiety disorders fall into such as generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD), or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

With all the different types of anxiety and the severity of each symptom that needs to be treated, finding a medication may take some determination on the doctor and the patient’s part which will work best for their specific case of anxiety. Different symptoms may take different treatments because everyone responds different to medication. With anxiety, other issues like substance abuse also must be considered when prescribing medication to someone that has an addiction.

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) states that anti-anxiety medications, antidepressants, and beta blockers are the most commonly prescribed types of medication when an anxiety disorder is diagnosed. Finding the appropriate medication for each person could take some time but is worth the research to find out how to sustain a person’s anxiety ongoing because there is no cure for anxiety.

Although many times depression and anxiety have been thought to be one in the same, they are completely different disorders even though sometimes some of the same medications can be used interchangeably to treat one or the other separately. One of the ways is that depression is treated is with the use of antidepressants. These drugs are the third highest prescribed medication in the United States and are also prescribed to some patients that battle anxiety.  

Antidepressants do take time to build up their effect in the system of a person, so they are often disregarded for a faster acting medication which may contain mind-altering elements. Use of antidepressants for anxiety may be a better fit for some people because the risk is lowered for abuse and overdose. Serotonin is released in the brain with the use of antidepressants that has an alleviating effect on several brain emotions including anxiety.

When taking antidepressants, one must consult their healthcare professional and look into participating in some sort of therapy that can be beneficial in lessening some of their anxiety by getting to the root of where the anxiety stems from. Seeking guidance from a therapist can assist in developing and putting into practice ways to prevent occurrences from happening in the future.   

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