Tips to Stay Sober at a Wedding

June is the month that is most known being as the time of the year for weddings. The weather is typically sunny and not too hot plus the rainy season has usually subsided by then. School is out for the summer and people are ready for a vacation, or for a wedding. The problem is that you just got sober and you are scared to attend because weddings are also known for endless amounts of alcohol that is served during the reception. You should not fret because if you want to, you can stay sober by following a few solid tips to do so during the wedding.

Know what you are getting into

You understand that alcohol will be served and you should see where you are at in your sobriety. Being on shaky ground may warrant attending the ceremony, but maybe not the reception. Obviously, you would not want to hurt the feelings of the bride and groom with not coming to their celebration. Spend a little extra on their gift or get them something extra sentimental to show them how excited you are or them. This way everyone is happy, and you stay sober.

Make a strategy for when you get uncomfortable

Have a support network ready to use if you feel like you want to drink or use. Excuse yourself to make a call if you start feeling the obsession. Reach out to someone that can be honest about what will happen if you take that first drink or drug. Make an exit strategy and give yourself permission to leave if you get twisted in your thoughts. Take a sober person as your plus one so that you do not feel like the only one not drinking.

Play the tape through

To drink at a wedding may seem like fun to you. The reality is that you will probably make yourself the center of attention and make a mockery out the bride and groom’s nuptials. You may black out and forget, but this is a day that they will remember for the rest of their lives. Do you really want them to remember that you made a fool of yourself on their special day?  

Talk to your sponsor or trusted friend about whether you are ready to be around people drinking in front of you. Having a healthy fear of alcohol is important to maintain and is the beginning stages of the commitment you must make to yourself – staying sober one day at a time.

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