Tips to Enable Solution Rather Than Enable Addiction

Enabling an addiction is common in families. Instead of letting their loved one fall flat on their face with their excessive use of drugs and alcohol, the intention of the family is usually in the nature of wanting to help them or protect them from the destruction that addiction causes. What really happens is that the addiction continues to progress which gets harder and harder to treat because enabling causes so much denial from everyone involved.

The tragedy of enabling is that the person that has the addiction never gets into enough pain to change, so they keep doing what they are doing since it continues to be made possible for them. Instead of shielding them in their addiction, you get into solution and enable them into recovery.

Get help for yourself

Addiction does not just affect the person that takes the drugs or drinks the alcohol. The truth of the matter is that addiction causes everyone around to become as sick as the person that is addicted. Find a support group such as Al Anon to help you see the problem for what it is and be a good example to those around you.

Research treatment options

Although you will probably want to go to treatment for your loved one to help them out, you must let the person with the addiction walk their own path. Showing them the way will be help enough as long as you remember that you cannot want their sobriety more than they want it.

Give your bottom line

At some point you will have to start setting boundaries for your own recovery, so you might as well start today. Letting the person that is addicted know that you are no longer going to support their addiction will probably be a difficult conversation but must be done to get any leeway in your present chaos. Your main priority is to figure out what your bottom line is and stick with it. Otherwise you can be responsible for the addiction continuing which can have fatal consequences.

It is okay to say no

Up until now, they may have relied on you for money or shelter to keep using their drugs and alcohol. With all the recovery you are getting for yourself, hopefully you can find the strength to say no to anything that continues to enable their addiction.

Addiction is a gripping disease of the brain that needs help to stop the using and drinking. Although it may seem like the right thing is to enable them so that you can feel like you are controlling their addiction, turn that around and help them to start participating in their recovery.

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