Summertime Sobriety

Summer is finally here, and you probably want to stay sober through what you perceive as maybe some of the toughest months to not pick up a drink or drug. With the sunshine being on point, vacations on the horizon, and just more time for leisure, sitting by the pool with a fruity drink or a frothy beer may sound like a good time. While this may seem like a wonderful vision of enjoyment, the truth is that you cannot just have one drink or one drug. You will probably keep drinking and drugging until you are blacked out and passed out and that is really no fun for anyone. The point is to get through the summer having tons of fun without having to get drunk or loaded.

Embrace nature

The summer months are a beautiful season to get in touch with the outside world. Go camping! There are spots that you can set up a tent and become one with nature. Taking a hike is another option for you. Find a hiking guide for the location that you will be at that will show you the difficulty levels for each trail and the points of interest along the way.

Be creative

If the summer is too hot for you to be outside, sign up for a pottery class, take guitar lessons, or enroll a writing course. With many activities subsiding for the summer, find something new to take up your time and get those creative juices flowing.

Find a book club

Reading is a great leisurely activity to do during the summer months. Check out your local bookstores or the library to see what books they are promoting for the book club and start reading. There are also online book clubs that you can join that can also suggest some good reads.

Join a sports league

Whether it is baseball, softball, volleyball, or soccer, look on your city website to see the different sports leagues they offer. These leagues are for fun so even if you are not super skilled, you can get on the field to have some good competitive fun.


Have you seen the top ten places in your city to visit? Most of the time the people in their town take for granted the attractions that are in their own locality to do “someday”. Seize the summer and get out to learn some history in your current surroundings.

Explore some options that you have not done before to get a grasp of what it is like to do sober activities. You will find that even when you stay sober, summertime can be the time of your life.

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