How Do I Stay Motivated in Recovery?

Getting in recovery and sustaining recovery is important for someone who wants help to stay sober. The problem that often arises is staying motivate to keep doing something for yourself. You may have tried a new diet, going to the gym, beginning a new relationship, or taking a class in college that may have fizzled out after a while because your incentive changed. Most people have a hard time with staying committed because things become dull and boring. If you really want to stay in the game in recovery, you will have to get creative to keep your ambition going.

Knowledge is power

Look into the “whys” and “hows” of recovery and keep learning about what you are doing. There are all types of literature that you can go through to understand how the addiction recovery works. If you are in a 12-Step program, go through the steps with your sponsor and then sponsor others and take them through the steps. Each time you go through the steps with someone on both sides of the coin, you are equipping yourself with more knowledge to assist in protecting your sobriety.

Change it up

If you are living the same mundane life every day, you may get stagnant in your recovery. Try different meetings, call newcomers that need some guidance, or pick up a new meditation style. You may get disinterested if you are not changing up your recovery here and there. Inspiration comes from change.

Keep your eye on the prize

There will be days that are harder than others, but you must keep going. Instead of getting caught up in the drama of it all, try to make the best out of negative situations. If you are always waiting for the other shoe to drop, you will constantly be expecting the worst and not focusing on your main priority of staying sober.

Get some support

Recovery was not meant to go at alone. Having someone that leads the way or encourages you to keep going is instrumental in staying motivated. Whether it is a sponsor, family, co-worker, or a friend, find someone that can keep you accountable and speaks your recovery language so that you can get the backing that you need to keep going in times that you may not be inspired to do so.

With most activities in life, they can become monotonous after a period of time. Recovery can become the same if you let it. Think of your recovery as a life preserver that can surely make a difference in saving your life.  

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