Rehab in Seattle

Renewal Recovery Solutions, offers a multidisciplinary approach to rehab in Seattle, in an extremely, extremely comfortable estate style setting. Rehab is tailored to each client’s individual needs. Located in sunny Southern California, our facilities feature a state of the art rehab plan. Renewal stands out proudly above other treatment centers and offers you a safe place for rehab.  

Our highly experienced and trained staff helps you to transform your life. We excel in one of the most thriving rehab communities in the nation and will help you to change and improve your life. 

We are responsive to individual needs and our program strictly adheres to the core principles of dignity, comprehensiveness and reintegration into society. Our rehab program is respectful and our staff is compassionate and empathetic. We take your entire person into consideration, not just your addiction. The rehab tools we teach are not abstract or theoretical. They are designed for your real world success and to withstand the difficulties inherent in long term recovery. 

Renewal will help you address trauma which may have led you to addiction and provides you with long term support and recovery resources.  We work with you and your family to build the life you never thought possible. 

According to a White House report on drug abuse and alcohol addiction in Washington: 

  • Almost 25 percent of Washington residents reported past-month use of illicit drugs 
  • Washington is one of the top ten states for dependence on illicit drugs among young adults age 18 to 25 
  • Heroin is the most commonly cited drug among primary drug treatment admissions in Washington 

Drug addiction and alcohol abuse affect everyone from parents, grandparents, siblings, children and of course the addict. This epidemic is not just limited to Washington, where we hear of heroin overdoses almost daily. 

Since drug and alcohol addiction is a national problem, it makes sense that drug rehabilitation treatment centers are available all around the nation. 

If you are looking for a substance abuse rehab facility in the Seattle area, maybe you should set your sites a little further from home.