How Physical Effects of Withdrawals Prevent Getting Sober

Withdrawing off drugs and alcohol is a difficult process to endure. Depending on how long the addiction lasted along with the choice of drug and the quantity that is being ingested, can make a difference in what happens during detox. Most people with that drink or use drugs in excess need to have a safe medical detoxification to keep an eye on the withdrawal symptoms. Going cold-turkey may cause more problems than it is worth. Withdrawal can cause someone that is coming off the effects of drugs and alcohol many problems. Shaking violently, vomiting, diarrhea, depression, and intense body pain are just a few symptoms that can make someone very uncomfortable from the cessation of drugs and alcohol.

Someone that needs to get sober but does not want to get sober may use the discomfort of disengaging from mind-altering substances as an excuse to keep going in their addiction. Although substance abuse comes with its own set of unfavorable consequences, being able to numb out from the pain and suffering makes it all worth it for someone who battles addiction. The dependence that the body gets use to over a period of time from drugs and alcohol becomes a legitimate concern due to being dope sick or having the cocktail flu. A person that has been through withdrawals before will do anything to avoid feeling the symptoms that can occur when they are detoxing.

While going into treatment serves its purpose for many people and has shown them how to get sober and stay sober, for someone that is in their addiction, the thought of going to rehab can make them cringe. A person that is struggling with substance abuse has usually become obstinate and will not want to give up control of their life by being told what to do by therapists and clinicians. This display of stubbornness and pride, however, could ultimately be the final nail on someone’s coffin.

Drug and alcohol abuse is deadly. Going through the motions of detox may seem daunting for someone that thinks they are not ready to live a life of recovery. Not getting the help that someone so desperately needs can lead them down a fatal path. The physical withdrawals may keep someone from getting sober although that does not have to be the case. By getting the treatment that they need to go through a safe medical detoxification may be the only that can literally save the life of someone that may die from a drug overdose.

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