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Phoenix rising was created with the vision of providing a boutique serene trauma-based program designed to accommodate the cultural sensitivities of minority ethnic communities. Our extremely high staff to client ratio allows for our clients to receive unlimited individual therapy in addition to specialized team of trauma specialist which offer cutting edge modalities of treatment such as neuro and bio feedback EMDR, psycho drama, and equine therapy on our 4 acre ranch.

We place a special emphasis on the families with our weekly family sessions.

Our program is designed to maximize our outcome and results by providing assistance with job placement, case management for up to a year, and quarterly alumni events to maintain the sense of community and inspiration that they received from our program, as well as provide a platform to maintain a residual relationship with our clinical team. That is one of the key factors in our very high success rate.

Our cultural sensitivity foundation allows us to accommodate faith based cultures with unique cultural needs, such as kosher cuisine, Shabbat observance, and faith based chaplains who provide a religious character to those who need that in their master treatment plan.

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Meet the Team

Amy Crichton

Executive Director

Phoenix Rising

Heather Foxx

Clinical Director

Phoenix Rising In & Outpatient Programs

Jessica Thorne

Operations Manager

Phoenix Rising

John Alden

Director of Operations

Phoenix Rising IOP

Ronni Ziggy Sigmund

Case Manager

Phoenix Rising

Margie Isaia

Professional Clinical Counselor

Phoenix Rising IOP

Rick Chaffe

CADC II Counselor

Phoenix Rising IOP

Jazz Johnson


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