What Happens During an Online Recovery Meeting?

What Happens During an Online Recovery Meeting?

Our society is one of convenience these days with a click on the send button to get groceries delivered right to your door, packages for just about anything next day, and books instantly downloaded on your phone. For people in recovery, there is also a way to attend a 12-Step meeting without ever having to leave your house.

IntheRooms.com gives people that suffer from all types of addiction a way to find their solution by attending these online recovery meetings. By logging onto their website, you make your own online profile. You can use an actual picture or use one of their stock avatars to be as anonymous as you wish. No need to use your name either because many people use nicknames so that remain unknown.

There are meetings facilitated throughout the day for sex addiction, alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling addiction, dual diagnosis, and codependency. Alcoholic Anonymous has the most meeting coverage with 63 meetings throughout the week. The meeting catalog is very extensive and if alcoholism is your malady, for instance, but do not relate to AA, then they have alternatives to AA that can give everyone a chance to connect to something that fits for them.

Once you figure out what meeting that you want to attend, you can participate as little or as or as much as you feel comfortable. You click into the meeting and there a chairperson there to conduct the meeting along with attendees. Once the meeting starts, literature will be read by someone that volunteers, and then the sharing will get underway. There is a button to turn your “camera on” and once you complete that task, another button will pull up that give you a chance to “request to share”. If you just want to listen, you do not have to turn on your camera.

The website has an option to donate to a 7th Tradition if you desire and if you are having technical difficulties, they can provide you with technical support. Another benefit is that you can “request attendance confirmation” if you need validation that were part of an online meeting for the court or for a loved one. Once you request proof an email will be sent to your inbox.

They provide some bonus features such as speaker tapes, a chat room, and a forum to post a personal blog on their blog page that others can comment on. Sobriety birthdays are acknowledged which are added up through the years by people who registered their sobriety date for each week.

Finding ways to stay sober can take some creative measures on a person’s part. Face to face interaction is always an important of recovery, but when that becomes difficult at times, online meetings can save the day.

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