Guidelines to Travel Sober

If you travel often for your job or for your own personal leisure, you may be nervous to do so because you just got sober or are trying to stay sober. The best thing you can do for your trip is be prepared. Alcohol is socially accepted just about everywhere in the world and some drugs are legal too. You may not think that you can stay sober, but you totally can with a few guidelines.  

Trains, planes, and automobiles

If you are traveling by plane or train, your fear may be that alcohol is so accessible on the plane or train that you may not want to go that route because of the temptations that you will face when there is no way to exit. Use your technology to your advantage. Download podcasts, music, or movies to your computer, phone, or tablet because the Wi-Fi  is limited on a plane to with how fast the plane is moving. Oftentimes trains will provide free Wi-Fi to their customers along with the ability to charge your devices. Finding ways to keep yourself busy through books, games, or technology can help you to stay on task to remain sober.

Research your hotel

Obviously, you do not want to stay at a resort or a hotel that is overflowing with alcohol. Look on their website before you go to spot terminology that can point to a all-night party status. Anything that says 24-hour bars or parties that revolve around booze may be a slippery slope. Call and talk to the registration desk or hospitality center to get a better grasp on the situation. Once you are there, ask for any alcohol to be removed from the wet bar to also remove any temptation that you may feel in your hotel room.

Look for local meetings

Before you leave for your trip, research where the local 12-Step meetings are. If you wait until you get there it could be too late, or you may get too busy to look into the meeting directory. By having a plan already in place, you can schedule your activities around meetings and know where to go when you are feeling uncomfortable especially if your coworkers are taking the edge off.

Find sober activities

Depending on where you go, you can find local tour guides to sightsee, go snorkeling, find a hiking trail, or go on an animal excursion. These types of activities generally will be sans alcohol or drugs and can add an exciting element to your trip.

All it takes to travel sober is to change your perspective a bit. You got this, and you will be so happy that you can stay sober no matter where you are.

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