Cure Your Hangover with 3 Simple Tips

There are two types of people that wake up after a long bender of drugs and alcohol – someone who does not have a hangover and those that do. Having a hangover can vary from drugs to alcohol along with the amount and length of time of consumption. Most people do get a hangover because the pain, nausea, dehydration, and vomiting are one of the ways that the body is screaming for the abuse to stop. The body is basically withdrawing from drugs and alcohol which causes the liver to produce toxins and only amplifies the enzymes in the liver. These toxins cannot be rid of quick enough which causes extreme headaches and nausea making someone feel sick.

People think that they can take a magic potion or swallow a pill that can take away the symptoms of a hangover. Honestly, there are a few things that can either cure a hangover or make it non-existent that is actually doctor-recommended as well.


Drinking and drugging can lead to severe dehydration. When drugs and alcohol come into the bloodstream, the pituitary gland stops producing vasopressin which is also a antidiuretic hormone. Without vasopressin, all the liquids that are consumed go straight into the urine which causes dehydration. The organs are so dry that they steal water from the brain which causes the symptoms of a hangover to pursue. You should drink lots of water to eventually get the body back to normal.


Not only is water getting depleted out of person’s system, but so are nutrients. Since you are using the bathroom a lot with the absence of vasopressin, you are losing nutrients the more that you urinate. Without the appropriate nutrients in the body, the muscles start to tense up causing heartburn, cramps, and headaches that can be debilitating. Eating healthy, taking a multivitamin, and refueling with electrolytes will help the body the rehydrate.


The best way to stop a hangover is just to not partake in drugs or alcohol whatsoever. Total abstinence means that there will be absolutely no hangovers from drugs or alcohol. Refraining from drinking or using in any capacity is the only way that a person can ensure that they will not get the symptoms of a hangover and will keep you from the hair of the dog which will only prolong the inevitable – you will have a hangover again.

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