Class of 2008: Eminem Celebrates 10

Musical artists generally will pour their struggles and their passions into their lyrics, into their instrumental tracks, or into their performance. The best music is where you feel entirely moved by what you are hearing. The best artists are the ones that capture that feeling into the music they produce. The rapper, Eminem, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, is no exception to this with being known for his dynamic lyrics and his powerful delivery of them.  

Eminem in his early career was involved in many a controversy and used his platform to rap about his use of drugs and about violence under his alter ego, Slim Shady. Fans were automatically drawn to his music when he came out with “My Name Is” and continued to gain a magnitude of fans while he took the hip-hop genre by storm by pushing the limits. He produced songs such as “Drug Ballad” that recounted his long history with drugs and alcohol, but always told himself he was not addicted because he did not shoot dope, smoke crack, or snort lines.

The drug of choice for Eminem was prescription drugs and he states that he would take whatever pill someone would give him. He was taking copious amounts of Ambien, Valium, and Vicodin daily. One day a friend gave him what he thought was Vicodin and had a near death overdose. He found out later from his doctor that what he had actually overdosed on was Methadone not Vicodin. The amount of Methadone he had consumed was equal to that of four bags of heroin and he had taken the Methadone with Ambien making matters even worse. Eminem did not stay sober after almost dying unfortunately. He picked up pills again and his addiction progressed worse than ever. He knew he had to do something different.

He called up Sir Elton John and asked for guidance and whom became his sponsor. Eminem is not a part of any 12-Step program because people would ask for his autograph at meetings and all he wanted was to be Marshall Mathers again. He contacted a counselor that he met with on a weekly basis that he credits with helping him change into the man he is today.

By putting out albums such as “Relapse” and later “Recovery”, he has worked his recovery story into his songs for anyone to hear. His 2010 single, “I am not Afraid” was his outing to the world that he meant business with his sobriety. In April of 2018, Eminem celebrated ten years of continuous sobriety. Congratulations, Eminem. Ten years is a big deal!

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