Does Balance in Recovery Even Exist?

Everywhere you look it may seem like everyone is searching to create some sort of balance in their life. With the ever changing twists and turns in life, balance will constantly keep you on your toes to find the harmony that you think will leave you content. Just when you think you have found it, there is another change that you must conform to. Before you know it, life starts passing you by with no balance in sight.    

Someone in recovery has been told that finding balance is crucial to stay sober. The main problem for someone that abuses drugs and alcohol is that their life under the influence has been anything but balanced. People that are in recovery may feel like they will fall short with the balance that they are recommended to attain because they are unsure how to achieve this goal.

Less than perfect

There will never be a perfect balance in your life, so do not make yourself sick searching for it. As long as you are trying for consistency with your recovery tools, therapy, 12-Step meetings, or meditation, you are on your way to carry out the balance that you need.

One day at a time

When making strides to become balanced, the best way to not put extra pressure on yourself in recovery is take balance one day at a time just like everything else. If things get out of whack in your current twenty-four hours, use your recovery tools to help you keep trudging towards the equilibrium that you need solely for that day.

Ask for help

Sometimes it can be difficult to see what you need to keep yourself in balance. Everyone is different in how balance works in their life, but if you ask people how were able to attain their balance, you can get an understanding of how it could work for you too. You may have to try different ways to gain balance in your life through trial and error although having the willingness to attempt balance is half the battle.

Be accountable

Recovery must be maintained every single day. Accountability means that you are striving to suit up and show up on the daily to produce better results within your sobriety. When you keep up with what you need to accomplish to stay sober, you will no doubt generate some balance.

Finding the balance that is conducive for your specific situation in recovery is important and can be done with some dedication. Balance in recovery actually does exist – if you work it.  

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