Apparent Overdose of Artist ‘Mac Miller’ Sparks Needed Conversation

Earlier this month, on September 7, 2018 popular artist ‘Mac Miller’ or Malcolm McCormick was found dead in his Los Angeles home of an apparent overdose at the age of 26. While the cause of Mac Miller’s death has not yet been officially confirmed, several sources have said that the rapper went into cardiac arrest after a drug overdose. There has been an autopsy done, although the results have not yet been released to the public. Now, in the wake of his death — family, friends, fans and the world are awaiting the official report — and discussing the much-needed topic of drug-use and mental health in The United States and around the world.

Mac Miller, or Malcolm McCormick, was beloved by many. The young rapper began his career in 2010 when he signed with record label Rostrum Records. Shortly after, he released his first album, titled Blue Slide Park. Over time, Mac Miller’s popularity rose. He released many songs, such as ‘Weekend’ featuring Miguel, and ‘The Way’ featuring Ariana Grande. The singer’s death, being just 26, has rocked the world.

The conversation surrounding Mac’s death has been filled with needed words, encouragement and hope to those who may be struggling with addiction issues, their mental health or both. While the circumstances of the death of twenty-six-year-old are not new, it has brought more awareness to the drug epidemic and mental health issues in not only the United States, but also the world. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, more than 72,000 Americans died of a drug overdose in 2017.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were swarmed with words about Mac Miller’s death. Family, friends, fans and even other celebrities took time to speak on his life. The well-known rapper, G-Eazy, took to Instagram: “Completely devastated and heart broken I’m at a loss for words mac you were like a brother to me and were there for me in the hardest of times, especially this summer. I can’t believe this is real. Please tell your friends and the people you care about you love them life is so fucking fragile. You will be missed and your music will live on forever through the millions of people you touched. Thank you for all you gave us, love you bro.” Actress, Victoria Justice, took to Twitter: “Devastating news to hear about another young person overdosing…this time losing their life. RIP Mac Miller, gone far too soon.”

“All of us at Warner Bros. Records are deeply shocked and saddened by the tragic news of Mac Miller’s untimely passing. Mac was a hugely gifted and inspiring artist, with a pioneering spirit and a sense of humor that touched everyone he met,” Tom Corson, co-chairman and COO of Miller’s record company also said about the rapper.

Mac Miller’s death is a reminder for many to reach out to those they know that may be struggling, as a friend and confidant, to even offer an ear to listen. There are millions of people that are affected by the drug epidemic — friends, family members, the teller at the bank, your neighbor — and it is time to take action. Addiction does not discriminate. It can take hold of anyone’s life regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or geographic location. People die of drug related overdoses, daily, and if it does not directly affect someone, it is often swept under the rug.

However, we know that it needs to be spoken about. We know that action needs to be taken to combat this terrible disease, to ultimately save lives, and bring order back to the lives of both addicts and people surrounding them who struggle in the chains of addiction.

We, at Renewal Health Group, are deeply saddened to see another young person die of a drug overdose. His family and friends are in our thoughts and prayers through this difficult time.

If you or someone you know is struggling with substance abuse, please reach out for the help you both deserve and need. At Renewal Health Group, our mission is to help you achieve a life worth living. Our team is a carefully assembled group of sophisticated healthcare professionals who have found their calling in providing therapeutic healing for the disease of addiction, with a supreme focus on results and outcomes. We are here to help you.

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