Is Addiction a Learned Behavior?

When addiction is looked at from every angle, there are many ways that addiction can ensue in a person whether it is from social, environmental, or biological factors. The main thing that people fail to understand with addiction is that drugs and alcohol create an allergy in the body that produces an obsession in the mind that can spiral out of control with initial consumption. When someone that suffers with substance abuse has that first taste, they may not be able to stop until they pass out. The irony with addiction is that without the first drink or drug, no one can really know what their reaction to drugs and alcohol will be like.

An addiction, many times, does not just automatically become full-blown although it can for some. Some people that have addictive tendencies may be able to try and control it longer than others, but there is an invisible line that someone unknowingly crosses at a certain point that goes from a social interaction into an addiction. The progression of addiction usually begins with peer pressure, by following another family member’s actions, or having easy access to drugs or alcohol. The actions that can lead to an addiction are from learned behaviors.  

A student in college may have never so much as a taken drop of alcohol before they get on campus. Once they get there and start going to parties, they may join in doing what others do and find that they quite enjoy the effects of drugs and alcohol. This does not make them an addict or alcoholic. Not being able to control their alcohol or drug consumption is what will constitute their addiction.

A child that watches their mother drink a glass of wine every night or smell that their dad is smoking pot once he gets home from work to relax, can give the child an ideal that is what they should do to relax as well. When they get old enough to get their hands on some drugs and alcohol for themselves, they may not be able to wait until they are old enough to see why their parents are drinking and smoking. By merely following their parents lead can provide the learned behavior that may be the start of the downward spiral of addiction.

Many people start drinking or drugging because of how people in their lives model their behavior with drugs and alcohol. Whether they develop an addiction is quite similar to playing roulette, once you jump in you just do not know how you will end up.

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