8 Foods that Can Become Addicting

Convenience it a big part of today’s culinary culture. There almost seems to be fast food and take out at every corner of every street. Instead of cooking for one’s self, the easier softer way is to give into the temptation of fast food in the name of accessibility, reasonable pricing, and time management. Although it might conserve time and conserve money, the real price to pay can come through getting addicted to certain foods that may be detrimental in the long run.  


An aromatic Mediterranean spice, cumin is used in Middle eastern, Asian, Mediterranean, and Mexican cuisines. Dopamine is released with the consumption of cumin and tricks the brain to think that it can make someone crave it once they try it. There is no physical dependency with cumin just a mental one which adds no harm when incorporating it into food. Cumin actually adds a delicious and smoky flavor when it is mixed into any recipe.


Whether it be in the form of a chip or a fry, potatoes can be addictive in any shape or size they come in. Although potatoes taste best when they are accompanied with a sauce, some salt, or piled on toppings, you cannot just have one.

Refined Flours

Any type of processed food has the probability to set off some cravings especially where refined flours are concerned. The healthy fiber is stripped away when processing whole grain flour to white flour. Without the fiber, a person will most likely be left feeling hungrier due to the spike in blood sugar which can leave them wanting to consume more.


The mouth contains many taste buds that respond to different sensations in food including salt. Once food is flavored with salt, trying to eat foods without it can make food become bland and boring. Using this mineral can make food much tastier along with causing it to become more habitual to use.


This ingredient is a no brainer for being addicting in food. Sugar is found everywhere in eatables especially in processed foods. To make the food more appealing, sugar is added to processed foods to help with the color, the consistency, and the taste. Once sugar is ingested, most likely your body will be craving more because it goes straight to the reward center of the brain where the addiction is concentrated.

The point is not to deprive yourself of having delicious food. What needs to be contemplated is what these addictive foods do to your body. The rule of thumb is to partake in moderation unless control is lost. The good news is that there are healthier options to experiment with for better results.

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